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Warning during treatment

Q: During wearing SizeDoctor in what cases girth can be taken off from girth fixing band?

A: Be careful that girth may be taken off from girth fixing band at following cases.

1) Girth did not enter into vacuum tube completely.

2) Girth fixing band was too big or the length of extension rods were too long.

3) Safety valve was not locked firmly.


Q: Can excessive traction force on penis reduce erectile function?

A: If you treat with excessive tension from the very beginning erectile function may be decreased temporarily. Be careful on this point and follow as per our manual.

In case of above happened, reduce tension force. Then it will be recovered within a few days.


Q: Is it necessary for foreskin of penis not to enter into vacuum tube?

A: Yes. If foreskin of penis entered into the vacuum tube then foreskin will get expanded, for which you have to pay special attention not to do so. To prevent this problem you have to use correct size of fixing band.


1) If you wear fixing band with proper size then foreskin of penis does not enter into vacuum tube when beep sound is made. This means that only girth should enter into vacuum tube. If you hear beep sound before girth entered into tube then try with smaller fixing band. You can try with several fixing bands to select suitable size.


2) If you see that foreskin entered into vacuum tube, use 1 grade bigger size of a fixing band. Once girth entered into vacuum tube completely, stop pumping. If you keep on pumping the foreskin can enter into tube, which may cause inflammation on penis.


Q: What has relationship between tension force and vacuum pressure?

A: The more you increase tension force by connecting extension bars, the stronger vacuum pressure is made in vacuum tube. Vice versa is. 


Q: What if I get bruises on girth?

This may happen when you pump with excessive pressure. Reduce air pressure with safety valve. At the beginning stage, it is normal to have some small bruises on girth.

If you see bruises on girth, take the device off for a while. Then bruises will disappear after 10-20 minutes passed.

Such bruises may be made as girth is not strong enough to endure the pressure. If girth is strong enough to endure the pressure the bruises will not be made. You need not to stop using the extender because of such bruises which does not interfere the use of device.

 Attention: During adaptation period follow our instruction not to increase extension force by yourself.


Q: What If I get blisters on girth?

A: 1) This may happen during adaptation period because of excessive vacuum pressure applied on girth. Reduce vacuum pressure with safety valve. Stop wearing the device until big blisters disappeared. Follow as per manual in wearing time and traction force during adaptation period, and blisters will not be made.


2) In some cases, blisters may be appeared even though vacuum pressure is not so high. This can be made because girth is not adapted yet under the vacuum pressure. After certain time be elapsed and girth will be adapted to the pressure, blisters will not be made any more.