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How to use accessories

Q: Do I need to use oil or grease on the extender?

A: If you use a little oil on any joint area of the extender like as spring holes and fixing volts, it will be smoothened.


Q: How can I set up proper traction force?

A: Stand up after wearing extender and hold the extender horizontally. Then make it in a line with traction force level marked on vacuum tube and tip of yellow part of the spring fixing volt.


Q: How long can I use girth fixing band?

A: The girth fixing band is made of silicon and you can use it for more than a year.

Be careful not any sharp pins or metals to pinch the band.


Q: What is the best status to use girth fixing band and girth?

A: When girth enters into vacuum tube completely, the beep sound will be made and vacuum status would be  maintained in vacuum tube. Also when you take off fixing band from girth, you should not feel any big pain even you may feel some pressure. When you pump vacuum tube, only girth without foreskin should be entered into vacuum tube.


Q: When should I change girth fixing band?

A: 1)In case it is smaller to you: When you pump, the foreskin will be pulled and entered into vacuum tube together with girth, change to one level bigger one. If you keep wearing smaller one blister may be appeared on girth with pain.


In case it is bigger to you: When you pump beep sound occurs before girth enters into vacuum tube and vacuum status is not made in tube, change to one level smaller one.

You can select correct size of band through several times of trial and error.


Q: What is suggested pumping pressure in vacuum tube?

A: When girth enters into vacuum tube completely, stop pumping.

If you continue pumping to increase the pressure, the blister can be made on girth and foreskin may have blisters, bruises and inflammation on it.



Whenever you feel any numb or big pain on penis, take the device off and have massage on penis for 5-10minutes.