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How to use the device

Q: Are there any side effects using SizeDoctor.

A: No. If you follow our instructions, there will be no side effects.


Q: Can I share SizeDoctor in use with someone else?

A: It is not recommended due to risk of infection of any diseases.


Q: Is it painful to wear SizeDoctor?

A: No. If you wear the device correctly as per manual, there will be no pains at all.

SizeDoctor is the most comfortable penis extender in the world because it used technology to wind girth wholly with silicone girth fixing band by applying vacuum pressure on girth.


Q: Are there some penis extenders which are painful during wearing?

A: Yes there are. For example, some penis extenders which have pulling lines connected on girth may make pain because such pulling force can damage skin of penis, which causes inflammation on penis too.


Q. What is background to develop SizeDoctor?

A. We had experiences to distribute penis extenders in our country after importing them.

But there were many complaints from our customers about pain and discomfort because of wrong design.

Hence we spent many years for R&D and we finally developed pain-free and comfortable extender, SizeDoctor.


Q: How to do while using toilet?

A: Take it off while using toilet.


Q: How to do with the device to have sex?

A: You can wear it again after one hour later having sex. It is good if you wear it one hour before to have sex because girth will be 40% larger than usual.


Q: Is there any blood circulation trouble if I wear the device for too long time?

A: No. If you wear the extender as per our instructions you will not have any problems or discomfort.

Q: Can I wear the device while asleep?

A: Yes you can, but you may wear it asleep only after the adaptation period passed. In case using during asleep, set it up with under 800g tension. With this tension you can wear for 3-4 hours per time.

However we don’t recommend using it during asleep.


Q: What if penis get erected while wearing the device?

A: Nothing will be happened. Just wait until penis returns to flaccid state.


Q: Is it possible to wear the device for long while sitting?

A: Yes. You can wear the extender while working by sitting.


Q: Can I exercise physically while wearing SizeDoctor?

A: Yes. With SizeDoctor you can have light exercises such as jogging, walking and hiking.


Q: What happened if I continue using the device after penis enlarged?

A: Once your penis has been extended about 3cm thereafter the speed slows down. But if you continue to treat penis can be extended up to 7cm.


Q: Is this true that SizeDoctor can make girth enlarged?

A: Yes. SIZEDOCTOR is the only product on the market that has this feature. Vacuum pressure applied stimulates corpus cavernosum and it makes girth enlarged by filling a sponge structure of corpus cavernosum with blood.

After 6 months of treatment the girth will be enlarged by 30-40%.


Q: Can SizeDoctor improve premature ejaculation?

A: SizeDoctor stimulates nerves of girth dull by providing consistent vacuum pressure. If you train BC-muscle strengthened with this treatment you can have ability to control ejaculation.


Q: What is main differences between SizeDoctor and other extenders on the market?

A: SizeDoctor is an innovative product invented with technology of vacuum pressure after spending many years' researches. It has double strength in traction force than any other products on the market.

There is no worry about any pains and inflammation during wearing the device, which exists at only SizeDoctor.

Q: What makes SizeDoctor so special?

A: Firstly, you can wear the device 3-5 hours a day but get double effects owing to increased tension force.

Secondly, SizeDoctor is the only extender that has device to enlarge girth with vacuum pressure.

Thirdly, SizeDoctor is the only extender that improves premature ejaculation and fourthly, it has almost pain-free even though applied with increased tension force twice.


Q: Is it true that I can have some effects if I wear the device for 3 hours a day?

A: Yes. If you see SizeDoctor the springs are thicker and longer. SizeDoctor has twice strong tension than any other extenders on the market. SizeDoctor is an innovative and unique extender in the world.

Q: How do I keep enlarged girth permanently?

A: After six months of use you can have enlarged girth by 30-40%. If you do not use SizeDoctor for long period, then girth can be shrunk. To keep the enlarged girth, wear the device 2-3 times a week.


Q: How long should I take break time after each use?

A: You can have 5-10 minutes break time after each use of SizeDoctor We recommend to use the device for 1- 2 hours per time and take break time for 5-10 minutes thereafter.


Q: How many hours a day could I wear the extender?

A: After adaptation period passed you can wear the device 3-5 hours a day. But you may extend time if you need.

If you hit plateau then reduce tension power below 800g and extend the wearing time more than twice.


Q: When can I have effect of treatment first?

A: Normally you can notice the effects after 1-3 months of treatment depending on individual.


Q: What if I skip 1 day without wearing the device?

A: Nothing will be happened. Try to wear the device a little longer on next day.


Q: Is the extender noticeable if I wear the device?    

A: If you set the extender upwards in loose pant and fix it with belt, then it is not noticeable.

You can also walk on road and have light physical exercises with the device.


Q: Is it OK if girth touch on the ceiling of vacuum tube because of vacuum pressure?

A: No problem. If girth be enlarged and touch the top of vacuum tube, there will be no problem. There is technical point why girth can touch the ceiling of tube because it prevents to suck the foreskin of penis into vacuum tube.


Q: How do I use the device if I hit plateau?

A: Normally you may hit plateau after 4-5 months of treatment. If you hit plateau, reduce tension force below 800g and wear it for 3 hours per time. We recommend wearing the extender for continuous 3 hours rather than splitting the time by 1.5 hours per use. You can extend wearing time for additional 1 hour if you don’t have pain. However if you feel pain, take the device off and have break time. The hit plateau will cease after 1-2months passed.


During hit plateau whenever you feel loosened power, just add 0.5cm ext bar.


Q: Do I need to wear SizeDoctor for my lifetime to maintain sexual stamina?

A: Yes. As SizeDoctor was invented based on the principle of traction and vacuum pressure, it is recommended to wear the device as long as possible to maintain the gained state even though it has many satisfactory results already like as enlargement of shaft, girth and improved premature ejaculation. 

If you keep stimulating your penis with the device regularly you can have healthy sexual life through your life time.