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Penis Exercises


For the sake of health, people do exercise strenuously like as Jogging, hiking, tennis and fitness over investing lots of their time and money. Even though you are wealthy and powerful it is hard to enjoy beautiful life if you are not healthy. There are many healthy training equipment.


However there is no penis extender on the market that makes strong sexual power maintained by stimulating textures, blood tubes, nerves of penis with principle of various traction force and vacuum tube system except SizeDoctor. SizeDoctor could be your lifetime companion that provides you self-confidence and improves your sexual life.


How it works

Q: Is it difficult to use the device alone?

A: No. Follow as per manual and video. It may take for around 30 seconds to wear the device.


Q: By what principle can SizeDoctor make penis extended?

A: SizeDoctor works by traction and vacuum negative pressure which stimulate structure of penis like as nerves, blood vessels and tissues. This stimulation divides/tears cells of penis and reunite them invisibly with micro growth, which is called as “cells’ proliferation”.


Q: Was this principle of traction used for any other medical fields before?

A: Yes. This principle has been applied for modern medical fields like as to create new skin tissue and extend joints. Also some African tribes and Amazon people extend their lips and earlobes with the principle of traction.


Q: Can penis be really enlarged? Didn’t penis consist of bones or muscles?

A: Human penis does not have any bones or muscles. It consists of corpora cavernosa, Corpus spongiosum, tunica, nerves and blood vessels. Penis can be enlarged easily than other muscles of our body when traction force applied with vacuum pressure.


Q: What is the maximum length can penis be extended by using the device?

A: Penis can be extended up to 7cm/2.7” maximum depending on individual.


Q: What is the minimum length can penis be extended by using the device?

A: The minimum length to be extended is about 3.0cm and average extended length is about 3.7cm.


Q: Can penis be enlarged in both erected and flaccid state?

A: Yes. Penis can be enlarged both at flaccid and erected state.


Q: Does it work to correct penis curvature?

A: Yes. After 6-7 months of treatment, curved penis can be corrected up to 70% depending on individual.


Q: Can the extended penis go permanently?

A: Yes. The enlarged penis go permanently because texture of penis was extended.


Q: Can SizeDoctor make girth as great pine mushroom-looking shape?

A. Yes. As the vacuum tube is designed as the shape of pine mushroom, if you pump vacuum tube the girth will be formed as great pine mushroom-looking shape by proportional pressure applied to tissues.


Q: Will girth be shrunk if length is extended?

A: No. Penis will be extended proportionally regardless area because the tissues of penis will be enlarged.


Q: Can SizeDoctor be effective at erectile dysfunction negatively?

A: No. Traction and vacuum pressure stimulate penis tissues, nerves and blood vessels, which improves erectile function. Furthermore expanded penis size and rigid penis erection can make healthy sexual life through psychological confidence.


Q: What is minimum penis length to use the device?

A:  It is about 6cm at erected state. SizeDoctor can make penis extended if penis is longer than 6cm.


Q: Can teenagers use the device?

A; Users must be at least 18 years old.


Q: What is an ideal age to use the device?

A: There is no age-limit to use the device if the age is over than 18 years old.