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BC muscle strengthening exercise

BC(Bulbocavernosus) muscle is located between the scrotum and the anus. This BC muscle controls ejaculation and pissing. You can know the location of BC muscle via action that you start pissing and stop.

BC muscle strengthening exercise can make rigid erection, prolong duration of erection through vigorous blood flow together with improvement of premature ejaculation

Also BC muscle can alleviate symptoms of prostatism and prostatitis.



The Strong points if strengthen BC muscle

1. Prevent premature ejaculation 5. Prevent prostatism
2. Prolong duration of penis erection 6. Enjoy healthy sexual life
3. Control ejaculation time 7. Improve dysuresia( pissing disorder)
4. Rigid penis erection  

Three-step exercise for strengthening BC(Bulbocavernosus) muscle

If you strengthen BC muscle together with SizeDoctor, you can feel that BC muscle is being tightened, thus the effect of BC muscle exercise is much higher than that of normal Kegel exercise.


Step 1 : Find out the location of BC muscle

It is important to find out the location of BC muscle before starting BC muscle exercise. You can refer to picture 1, 2 of muscle anatomy. On way of pissing if you stop pissing you have to use certain muscle which is BC muscle. The other way to find out the BC muscle is to know the muscle which moves erected penis. The erected penis is swaging with BC muscle.

Beginning exercise

1. Sit on the chair by moving waist to wall of chair closely
2. Wear SizeDoctor and hold fixing bolt and extension bars with your thumb and index finger softly
3. Breathe in slowly and start pulling penis with your BC muscle

4. When you pull BC muscle you can see that gap between springs and extension bars become narrower

5. If there is no gap made between fixing bold and extension bars your BC muscle seems to be weak
6. You can strengthen BC muscle with the exercise of three times a day for 2-3 minutes per time

※ Caution: Breathing is important factor at BC muscle exercise like as other exercises. Breathe in slowly when pulling the muscle, and breathe out when you relax. Use only BC muscle not other muscles like as abdomen, thigh and buttock when you exercise BC muscle.


Step 2: "Short pull"

- Train the BC muscle three times a day and 2-3 minutes per time

1. Pull and relax the muscle for 1 second with 30 times

2. Continue and repeat this exercise everyday for 3 weeks

Step 3: "Long pull"

- Continue the short-pull exercise, and add "long pull" exercise 10 times with following manners

1. Finish 3 weeks' "short-pull" program first

2. Pull BC muscle slowly for 5 seconds with the maximum strain and hold this state for 5 seconds, then relax slowly for 5 seconds
3. At the beginning it is not easy. You may feel tired if you exercise 1-2times per 15 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times within 10-15 minutes

4. It may take several days or even longer to be used with this exercise. Do not give up and try to enjoy the exercise, and you will have strong BC muscle after some time later