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Premature Ejaculation and SizeDoctor:


There reported many factors to cause premature ejaculation like as sensitive girth or some diseases. But most of the reasons come from physical, psychological and medical disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety etc. Another reason is from weak BC muscle. BC muscle is known to control sexual performance and ejaculation. However SizeDoctor works efficiently to prevent this premature ejaculation based on sensitive girth. Following are some ways to prevent.


Premature ejaculation treatment: 97% success rate.


1. Vacuum pressure in action


After wearing SizeDoctor, if you pump the vacuum tube, the girth will be stimulated by certain nerve stretched in girth. This process can make girth dull in nerve and repeated stimulation can prevent premature ejaculation in the long run.



2. BC Muscle strengthening


If you train yourself as per the direction of BC muscle strength program you can control ejaculation and have multi-orgasm without ejaculation. BC muscle is effective for erection, quality of ejaculation and its timing. Strengthened BC muscle can prevent premature ejaculation too.