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Penis Enlargement

The principle to enlarge penis is to divide cells of penis invisibly by the force of traction. The divided cells will be reunited with micro growth. This is called as “cells’ proliferation”.

The function of SizeDoctor was proved by clinical case studies and actual uses with over thousands’ consumers. The traction force applied for the SizeDoctor was proved safe without making any side effects. Once the enlargement of penis was made it goes permanently.


Before and After use 



Structure of Penis and Penis Erection

By an anatomy of penis, penis mainly consists of 2 corpora cavernosas, 1 corpus spongiosum and 1 urine path with erectile muscle. The shaft of penis is porous with collagen textile. The penis erection occurs if venous blood fills up throughout the numerous micro rooms consisted with cells of penis when brain gets sexual stimulation.  


Scientific Grounds

SizeDoctor works on a basis of traction and vacuum suction (negative) pressure. If you apply continuously traction and the vacuum suction pressure to your penis as per our user manual, your penis will be enlarged through cells proliferation. Following actual examples may explain the principle.

Penis enlargement in some African tribes

Since ancient time, some African tribes have been wearing heavy metal on their penises to enlarge them. SizeDoctor was invented as per the similar scientific ground and can make your penis enlarged up to 7cm if you use it as we proposed in service manual enclosed.

Extending lips and earlobes

Among some tribes in Africa or South America, people extend some parts of body for beauty, such as lips and earlobes etc with the force of traction.