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About Product of SizeDoctor

Background of development

SizeDoctor is an innovative and unique medical product in the world to enlarge penis, improve premature ejaculation, correct curved penis and strengthen erectile function after investing 5 years of research and development. SizeDocotor was invented based on philosophy to dedicate ourselves for the persons who have sexual complex. 



We do guarantee that SizeDoctor is safe medical device having excellent performances without making side-effects, which have been proved by worldwide patents and thousands of consumers’ experiences. Especially the technology of vacuum suction pressure applied to enlarge girth is unique in the world. You can enjoy your sexual life.


1. Penis extender base: Support extension bars.

2. Joint nut:  Connect  base and extension bars. It turns 90 degrees for comfort and mobility.

3. Joint bolts: Connect  base and extension bars. Unscrew joint volt first to connect extension                                               bar.

4. Extension bars: There are 3types of bars as 0.5cm, 2cm and 4cm, with which you can adjust the length of rods.

5. Drawbar: It works to adjust power of springs.

6. Fixing bolt: Connect Drawbar and spring tube.

7. Springs Fixing Bolts: Fix springs and provide constant tension.

8. Springs:  Provide tension (traction) to penis.

9. Safety valve: Maintain constant pressure in vacuum tube and release pressure when needed.

10. Vacuum tube: Expand girth with negative pressure and stimulate cells of girth for growth.

11. Girth fixing band: Maintain pressure in vacuum tube and fix girth.

12. Spring power index : It has 13 levels of spring power so as to adjust as per size of penis.


In case of Plateau

If you “hit plateau”.

The term of “Plateau” is very well known in Bodybuilding. You may notice that over time any physical exercise, which previously was gainful, after certain time becomes ineffective, regardless how hard you train. This phenomena is called “to hit plateau” and the reason is because your body (or body parts) adopt to the certain exercise and workload. In this case you have to change workload or exercise manners, i.e. to change the traction force and wearing time. Please refer to our user manual provided for details.

Each component and its function of SizeDoctor